Phoenix Rising K5.
Photography Brisbane, Qld Australia
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I first started the original site in June 2002 because I knew the job that firefighters did was an awesome and sometimes thankless job... this was my small way of saying THANK YOU to those firefighters I know.
Via this site I only wish to help promote that job,whether its Australian, American or English firefighting.

I take pictures for my sites ONLY, which allows firefighters and those interested in firefighting to see both Australia - Brisbane firefighters, and those of overseas at their best. Whether it's working, training or at Special Events.

PHOENIX RISIING-K5 will promote professionalism in all aspects of fire service related photography and the recognition of those who do the job!

If you have any questions or comments concerning PHOENIX RISING-K5 feel free to contact me, I answer all e-mails. Thanks for visiting my website and I hope you find it to be a valuable and interesting resource.

Now the meaning behind the name change:-

* That which rises from the ashes of its predecessor.

Rising - 
* Increasing in degree,force or intensity

* Abbreviated fire term for CODE 5 - Returning to station

If you bet on the Gods and they DON'T exist you lose nothing....
If you DON'T bet on the Gods and THEY DO exist you lose everything!!!

Stay Safe - Stay Low
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