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Plane Crash Simulation at Archerfield Aiport

The Queensland Fire & Rescue, Queensland Ambulance and Queensland Police combined to a mock simulation of a Plane Crash at a small airport at Archerfield on Brisbane's Southside Friday 25th November 2011.

This exercise was to co-ordinate the 3 Emergency Services along with the airport procedures to learn how to conduct an incident.

The Plane Crash simulation held at the small airport at Archerfield involved :-

QFRS - Queensland Fire & Rescue Service - "B" shift
             518A - Durack
             510A - Acacia Ridge
             646A - Camira
             850Q - Special Operations Unit - BA / Haz Mat - Cannon Hill
             8500 - Special Operations Unit - BA replenishment - Cannon Hill
             501T - Mobile Control Centre - Kemp Place
Along with various Officers of all ranks.

QAS - Queensland Ambulance Service
QPS - Queensland Police Service.

Many thanks to all who participated & for allowing me the opportunity to yet again be apart of an extremely important exercise.

Plane Crash Plane Crash